>The Bridge Bulletin Board - New system online since early 2016

The Bridge Bulletin Board - New system online since early 2016

The new incarnation of The Bridge came online in early 2016. The new system is reachable by telnet, RLogin and SSH, and supports both IPv6 and IPv4. The Bridge now runs Mystic BBS, a modern, Internet capable BBS software package.

The Bridge provides several message and file areas, as well as Mystic Relay Chat, an inter-BBS chat system, similar to IRC. The Bridge is also the hub for VKRadio, a message and file network for radio enthusiasts of all kinds - amateurs, CB hobbyists, scanner and shortwave listeners, SDR experimenters and more.

The Bridge offers the following features as of early 20167:

Echomail discussion groups.

Networked file libraries.

Mystic Relay Chat, an inter-BBS chat network.

The Bridge can be accessed via the following means:

Telnet, RLogin or SSH at bridge.vkradio.com. I strongly recommend using a BBS style terminal emulator such as SyncTerm or NetRunner for best experience.

Discussion groups via NNTP at bridge.vkradio.com. Note, you will need to create an account first using telnet/SSH/RLogin before you can post.

File areas via FTP at ftp://bridge.vkradio.com/

About VKRadio

VKRadio is a FTN and QWK style message and file network dedicated to radio communication enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether your interest is amateur (ham) radio, CB radio shortwave or scanner listening, Software Defined Radio (SDR) such as the cheap RTL dongles and other radiocommunication related interests. VKRadio can be accessed via either The Bridge or Freeway BBS. If you are a sysop of a BBS, you're welcome to carry VKRadio using FTN or QWK technologies. For further information and an application form, please refer to the infopack here.

Historical Section - Following information is for the previous system, which went offline around 1998.

Phone: System is no longer online, this page is for historical purposes only.

The Bridge is a public access electronic bulletin board service, located in Melbourne, Australia. which offers a range of social and community services. The services provided by the BBS include:

Electronic mail

Discussion forums

Internet e-mail and Usenet news via Freeway Internet Gateway

Limited shareware files (currently offline)

Friendly and helpful sysops. :-)

FREE access, no subscription charges.

Future plans include a live Internet connection with full UNIX shell and SLIP/PPP Internet services, as well as Telnet access to the BBS via the Internet.

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