Freeway BBS (formerly Freeway Internet Gateway) - New system online since 2015.

Freeway BBS is a new Bulletin Board System (BBS), built from the ground up using Synchronet software. Synchronet is modern BBS software, designed to bring BBSing into the Internet age. Freeway is a full featured BBS offering messaging and file transfer services to users, as well as Internet email. Freeway will also be home to A-Net, a new messaging network for Autistic people, to be launched in 2017.

Freeway BBS can be accessed by the following means:

Historical Section

The following describes the old Freeway Internet Gateway, which went offline in 2002.

Freeway is a Fido <-> Internet e-mail and Usenet news gateway. It provides news servives for several Melbourne based BBS systems, and e-mail to these systems, as well as to several other Fidonet technology BBS networks.

Freeway also supports netmail gating between several Fido technology nets, in addition to its Internet capabilities. Other services include several mailing lists and e-mail information services.

How to use this service.

To e-mail to a system beyond the gateway, simply address an e-mail to them as usual. Most e-mail addresses are of the form, where "host" is the hostname of the BBS they post from, as defined by the gateway. The correct address is shown in the signature at the bottom of any message posted from the gateway.

Freeway APANA Internet Gateway

The new Freeway system offers connected systems a greater range of newsgroups and more e-mail based services. In addition to the standard gateway service, systems using the APANA gateway will also be allowed to subscribe to mailing lists, bandwidth permitted. Systems wishing to use the APANA gateway must be full APANA members. Access to the standard range of Freeway services is automatic for APANA systems using the gateway. Non APANA systems may continue to use the existing service with no changes.

To post e-mail from a system served by either gateway, ask your sysop, or e-mail me for further information. If you would like to use the gateway to provide e-mail services for your BBS or point system, you'll need to have Fidonet netmail capability. See the FAQ or e-mail me for more information.

NEW!!! Freeway Telnet BBS

This is our test site, which features a fully functioning BBS which is accessible by Telnet. As the system is primarily a test and development site, there may be some menu options that don't work. If you have any queries, just drop me a note.


The system is usually available for telnet between 18:00 and 01:00 Australian Eastern Time (08:00 - 15:00 UTC).

Click here to try it out.

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